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Organize Your Linens!



Ever open your linen closet to discover your twin sets starting to mix with your queen-sized sheets? Have too many cloth napkins lost their folds and now lay in crumpled messes? Or, perhaps you have enough towels to supply an entire locker room of football players? If any of these scenarios apply to your linen closet, then read my three simple steps to get your linens in line for a fresh start this summer.

Step One: Remove and Assess
First, take everything—yes, everything—out of the closet. You'll never know what's lurking in the back unless you do. Spread the closet contents on the floor or a nearby table and decide what stays and what goes. Throw out anything stained or that has holes, or that you never use. (Don't you think your teenagers have outgrown those unicorn sheets by now?) Try reducing that enormous stack of towels down to two per person and give away any duplicate linens.

There are some things you won't want to throw away but might not want to store in the linen closet, either. To save space, start stowing towels under the bathroom sink, or place holiday table linens in the dining room. Store extra bed sheets in the dresser drawer of a spare room, in your bedroom closet, or in storage bins under beds.

Step Two: Organize
Match top sheets with fitted sheets, fold, place them on matching pillowcases, and roll together. This makes it easy to grab a set of bed linens without having to rummage through the closet. It's also neater than trying to fold a fitted sheet. If you keep towels in your closet, try rolling them instead of folding them. This method saves a little more surface space, while keeping your linens neatly organized.

Before you start putting everything back, add a few organization tools. Plastic or wire shelving keeps things off the floor, and mounted towel racks on the inside of the door are great for hanging tablecloths to avoid wrinkling. Invest in wall hooks to create space, and use bins for miscellaneous items.

 Step Three: Freshen It Up
Keep your closet (and linens) smelling fresh by adding a little aroma. Soak cotton balls in your favorite perfume or scented oil and place them in closet corners once they've dried. You can also invest in woody cedar chips. If you find that your linens have become a little musty from sitting in the closet, simply spray them with some Febreze Spring Renewal or Febreze Meadow Rain.


note: if you love the smell of a fresh linen closet, make a lavender sachet to tuck between the shelves. Fill a 6" square of muslin with some dried lavender flakes and tie with a colorful ribbon. You can fill sachets with your other favorite scents, as well!


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